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CD Tracklist:

1. Life Got In The Way (Live Version)
2. Everybody (Live Version)
3. Just Remember (Live Version)
4. Champagne High (Live Version)
5. Come Around (Live Version)
6. Beautiful Thing (Live Version)
7. Swan Dive (Live Version)
8. Effortlessly (Live Version)
9. All For You (Live Version)
10. Happy (Live Version)
11. One Love (Live Version)
12. Your Mistake (Live Version)
13. Change Your Mind (Live Version)
14. Strange Cup Of Tea (Live Version)
15. Killing Me Too (Live Version)
16. Your Winter (Live Version)
17. Sword And Shield (Live Version)
18. Superman (Live Version)
19. Thank You (Live Version)
20. Out There (Live Version)

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